Koç University’s Research Mission

As one of the leading research universities in Türkiye the purpose of research at Koç University is to:

  • make qualified and genuine contributions to universal science
  • positively influence the intellectual, technological, economic and social development of Türkiye
  • be a pioneering university in technology transfer by supporting knowledge-based development with research-based, value -added technologies and products and to enhance the country’s global competition through technology transfer
  • educate students who will make a contribution to the world’s academic literature during their postgraduate studies.

How do we measure success in research

The success of academic members and research programs at Koç University is evidenced by our 10 key metrics:

  1. Being ranked among the top research universities in Türkiye regarding the number of articles per academic member whilst being a young and small institution
  2. Being recognised every year through the world-class work produced by our faculty members in their fields with awards from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBITAK), the Turkish Academy of Science and other prestigious international awards
  3. Hosting 8 faculty members who are members of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA)
  4. Working in collaboration with national and international public and private institutions (universities, European Commission, public agencies, research and development agencies, business world, and industrial corporations) on research projects worth 228 Million Turkish Lira between 2004-2016.
  5. Being the most successful higher education institution in Türkiye in bids for European Research Commission (ERC) grants, hosting 9 of the 16 active projects in Türkiye as of 2016.
  6. Hosting many of Türkiye’s, and some of the world’s most distinguished researchers every year through conferences, symposia and seminar series.
  7. Managing over 100 laboratories, research centres and research forums that conduct scientific and application studies in specific fields, propose policies, and convey academic knowledge to society in social, economic and legal fields.
  8. Receiving an ever growing number of applicants from Türkiye and abroad for all of our faculty positions and our graduate programs
  9. Educating undergraduate students to be creative individuals with good research skills by giving opportunities to work with faculty members in research projects in their fields of interest
  10. Educating Master and PhD students that have joined world-leading research, government and private institutions abroad and in Türkiye upon graduation